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August 1776

England came up to a house, his emerald eyes narrowed and his hands clenched into tight fights. He glared at the house, anger pulsing up inside of him. This was madness! It had to be stopped. England marched up to the door and knocked on it, rather hard. It was more of a banging than a knocking. England waited outside of the house for a few moments. Soon, the door was answered. The one who answered the door was the owner of the house. A blond haired boy opened the door and he looked at England. The blue eyed boy stared at England for a moment, his eyes wide with shock, but then they narrowed as they stared at the elder country. "What do you want?" America asked, his voice icy.

England was slightly surprised by the ice in America's voice, but, he didn't drop his angry gaze. "I wanted to talk to you." England said, his voice cold as well. "I want this fighting to stop! You can't survive on your own. This is insanity." England said. America glared at England, his blue eyes filling up with fury. "We can survive just fine on our own! We don't need your help at all!" America spat at England. War had broken out between England and England's colony over a year ago. But, the problems had started long before then. So much tension between the two lands had eventually broken out into war. A war England had wished would have never started.

"You only kept pushes us down. You taxed us without our consent, made unreasonable laws for us to follow, and took away the rights that we deserve!" America shouted. "Those things were meant to protect you and help you, but you are too young and childish to understand!" England shouted back. America stood silent for a few moments, still glaring at England with hateful eyes. He then closed his eyes and shook his head, seeming to have calmed down a little. "No, England, you don't understand." He said in a calmer voice. He opened his eyes and looked down at England. "But how could you? You were never around much."

England blinked and took a slight step back from America's comment. He glanced away from the younger blonde. "I couldn't be here all the time, America. You knew that. I had to be back overseas." He muttered before looking back at America. "But, so much of what I have done was for you America. You understand that… don't you?" They stared at each other, eyes locked with one another. It was true, England couldn't be with America that much. When he visited the boy, he would leave soon after, having to return to his country. He remembered how once he had left America and he was a small child, and then the next time he came back, he was a young man who had even surpassed England's height. But, it was also true that England tried his best to do good for America. Why couldn't America see that? All he had done was in America's best interests.

America sighed. "You may have meant to do good, but, you only caused me pain, England." He said as he crossed his arms, his blue gaze looking down towards the ground. England's emerald eyes went wide with disbelief. He shook his head. No. He never wanted to hurt America. Never! He cared so much for his colony. He would never dream of trying to hurt him. England looked at the ground, eyes still wide with disbelief. But, what if he had pushed his colony too hard? What if he did make too many taxes or too many laws? What if he hadn't visited America enough? Could it be fixed perhaps? Perhaps they could make a change?

England truly did not want to fight with America. He hated this fighting. America had no idea how much it hurt England. He just wanted things to go back to the way they were before. He wanted to see America's happy, smiling face. He wanted to share stories about what they had done while they were separated from each other. He wanted to sit under the stars with America and watch America try to count them like he use to do when he was a child.

England took in a deep breath before he allowed his gaze to rise up and look at America. "America." England said softly. America still kept his gaze off of England for a moment, but then he looked up towards the boy he once called his brother. England looked at America and he was shocked to see the anger and hurt in his blue eyes. "A-America. Why don't we just forget this ever happened?" England asked, his voice soft. He smiled slightly, hoping that they could just stop the fighting and be happy again. "Why don't we just go back to ways things were before all the problems started? I'll come visit more and I will let up on the taxes and laws. What do you say, America?" England asked and he held out his hand, hoping America would accept it.

America glanced at England's hand and stood still for a few moments that seemed like an eternity to England. Hope fluttered up in England's heart when he saw America's hand slowly go towards his, but, the hope started to die when America's hand paused right by England's. England watched America's hand, begging that he would accept it. Yet, America didn't. He pushed England's hand away and America looked away again. England's heart dropped and the hope died. "No, England. We can't go back. We never can. And we can't just drop a war like it is nothing. That is impossible." America said. "It is a childish thought at best."

England's gaze was still on his hand that had been pushed away by America. He felt his eyes tear up slightly, but, he pushed away the tears. He had been rejected. Rejected by the one he called his brother, his colony. The one he had cared for since he was a small child. How could this be? Why had this happened? What had he done to deserve this? England looked up to America. He opened his mouth to say something, but then closed it quickly, unable to push words out of his mouth. America blinked and looked at England. He then took a step inside of his house and grabbed a piece of paper that was on a small desk beside the door.

He turned back towards England and handed him the paper. "I am sure you have read about this. It should have reached your land by now." America said as he handed England the paper, which was a copy of the Declaration of Independence. "I am no longer your colony. I am no longer under your control. It is done. Signed a few months ago. I am independent from you." England stared at the paper, reading it over. Yet, he was in too much shock and grief to make sense of the words on the paper. "I will fight as long as I have to so that you can see that I no longer need you and that I am my own country."

America had said something else, but, England didn't hear him. He was still looking at the paper, his mind lost in his thoughts. So many feelings washed over him, none of them good. Regret, sorrow, anger, betrayal. And, as he stared at the paper, all those feelings began to pour out. England's eyes darkened and he crumbled up the paper in his hand. His hand shook as he crumbled the paper up into a ball and slowly lifted his gaze back up to America. "Independence?" England growled and he threw the paper at the ground.

"You are my colony! I won't let you go! No! I won't! Never! I promised I would never let you go and I intend to keep that promise for as long as I live!" England shouted at the top of his lungs. So loud that America stepped back, his eyes widening with shock,, surprised by England's anger. "You will see, America! You will see!" America starred at England as the elder country let out his outburst. England panted after his shouting and he stared at America. America looked back at him and silence came over them. They stood there for a while, silent and still, only England's heavy breathing breaking the silence.

America finally spoke, and he didn't shout back at England. He didn't yell or scream, but, kept his voice calm, but, determined and cold. "No, England. You will see. You will see that I can be on my own without any help with you. I no longer belong to you, England. I am my own country now." America said and he stepped back into his home. He put his hand on the door and started to close it. England's eyes went wide as he started to close the door. He quickly reached out and put his hand on the door, stopping America from closing it.

"Wait America." England begged. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scream. I'm sorry! Please America. I don't want to fight you. Please! Let us just stop this and be brothers again." England stared up at America's his eyes pleading for America to forgive him and for them to move on. "I promise I won't scream at you again. I never will. Just…please…." England's voice ended in a pleading whisper. America looked down at England and England looked up at him. England could see the same sadness deep in America's eyes that was in his. England knew that America couldn't be any happier with this war than he was.

America sighed. "I am sorry, England, but, this can't be over looked so easily. I honestly wish that things never got this bad, but, it has and we can never go back." America then went to close the door. England let go of the door as America started to close it. England watched America close the door, America keeping his gaze off of his once brother. England stood there at the door for a while, not moving from the spot he stood in. He half hoped that America would change his mind and come back out, but, England knew that wouldn't happen. After standing there for some time, he turned around and looked into the distance.

England started to walk away from America's house. As he walked away, he glanced over his shoulder and looked back at America's house, it slowly becoming smaller and smaller as he walked away. Soon, America's home was out of sight. England had stopped and stared off into the direction of the house. A few tears streamed down England's face and he turned around, whipping the tears away from his face. England knew that no matter who won this war, things would never be the same again.
So, I haven't written a story in a while and I am often talking to my friend who loves Hetalia. I decided to write a Hetalia fanfic. My favorite character is England, so, I knew I would use him in a story. It ended up being one about him and America during the Revolutionary War, after the Declaration of Independence was signed.

This has possibly been done before. I wouldn't be surprised. But, I wanted to write this so I did! )< My friend, same who got me into Hetalia, said she liked the story after she read it, so, I decided to post it here.

Hope you enjoy. Comments are appreciated.

I don't own or take credit for the preview picture. Got it from my friend mentioned above. Nor do I take credit for the characters in the story.
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FlashLightSoarinDash Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2016  Student Artist
I need a box of tissues. Like, a trillion.
gnihtoNdnAgnihtyrevE Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
O.O Deh feels, dey got meh!!!
SpiderNinja24 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Cry forever 
ufd Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014
This is cool! I like how you go into how neither America and England wanted a war. The only problem is that after the Declaration of Independence was signed, all of America did hope that there would not be a war and that King George and all of the redcoats would let them have their independence in peace. While the patriots did prepare for war, they were hoping to avoid it. America talks like the war is unavoidable, despite the fact that it could be avoided at this point. It isn't until the Shot Heard Round the World at Bunker Hill that the war officially started. 

If you were wanting to be historically accurate with America representing all of America, you also need to have him just as hoping to avoid a war as England. Like maybe have America say, after showing the Declaration, "I don't want to have a war with you either. Just get all your solders out of my place and leave, and there won't have to be a war. You can visit me as often as you usually do, I can still keep my trade with you, and maybe send you some money to pay off your wardebt with France, but I won't be under your rule anymore." Then, out of England's stubborn pride, he refuses and starts yelling at America, in which he responds like the rest of your fic. This would show more historical accuracy of how the Americans and Englishmen felt during this time, and it would make England someone to relate to, since many adults today do tend to get greedy when they're in debt.

I wrote a one shot that does "kinda" focus on Independence, but we only go as far as the Treaty of Paris. It's mainly focused on how America's and England's relationship never fell apart after the wars (Revolutionary war and War of 1812) and how it effected the both of them. If you're interested, I can send you the link.
MonkeyFeather7 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
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Oh god the feels.
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Simply amazing. Well done. ^-^

GurlyHR Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Sad, amazing, there are so much words to say about it. And it shames me to know there are only a few comments. It definitely deserves more.
It was nice to read; emotional to me, actually. You did a great job!
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where did you get the picture?
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this is so sad and cute it literally made me cry.
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"This was madness!"

Me: No, THIS IS SPARTAAAAA :iconspartaplz: *shot*
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That was cute, but sad. ;n;
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Yes. It is sad, but, I am glad you liked it. ^.^
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